Questions We Often Hear When Determining Household Staffs’ Compensation

One of the thorniest issues when hiring household staff is salary and compensation.  How is it determined?  What is fair market rate? What does Depending On Experience (DOE) really mean?

In general salaries for household staff are determined by two factors – the staff’s current salary and what is “market”.  As the largest Household Staffing agency in the country Pavillion has a knowledge base regarding salary that is second to none. When we speak to a client regarding salary levels we can speak with the authority of decades of experience. It is important to note that we will always adhere to the client’s wishes regarding salary – we here to advise and help in any way we can.

Common Determining Factors For Compensation

There is always a range of salaries for any particular position – usually determined by years of experience, education and skill level.  We are always sensitive to the family’s experience and expectations.  We walk our client’s through the process of determining salary based on their needs, history of salary to previous staff and expectations.  It is our philosophy to be the “negotiator” when it comes to salary – being the mediator between the family and staff.  Because we know what the candidate’s needs are (and this has always been shared with the family) and we also know what the family’s salary expectations are, we can always reach a satisfactory conclusion.

What Does DOE Mean and How Can Experience Be Measured Accurately?

One of our most difficult tasks is when a family tells us that they will pay depending on experience.  That often means a totally open budget, but, in reality, every client has a number in mind.  It is our practice when told that salary is DOE to send the best candidates at whatever salary they need and inevitably the client will tell us where the cap is, if any.

Pavillion Agency is An Experienced Household Payroll Agency

Since Pavillion provides a one source payroll processing and comprehensive HR service dedicated to the household staffing industry, our team has extensive knowledge in managing the salaries and compensations of household staff. We are uniquely in tune with the particular needs of families who wish to be relieved of the burdens and all the red tape of legally employing household staff. For more information on determining compensation and working with an experienced household payroll agency please contact Pavillion Agency today.

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