Why is This Blog So Relevant?

Why is this blog so relevant? Its focus will explore every aspect surrounding the unique world of Personal Service. We will discuss and tackle issues that hold an important role in the rapidly evolving household employment Industry.

Along with contributions from Keith Greenhouse and Cliff Greenhouse, who combined possess 70 years of household staffing expertise, this blog will feature highly respected contributors who are authoritative voices in a variety of areas that influence the Household Staffing Industry. This blog will tackle issues ranging from the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, Wage Theft Protection Act and Affordable Care Act, civil rights laws, to screening methods, conflict resolution, creating accurate job descriptions, resume formatting protocols, an employer’s role in maximizing their staff’s performance, and much more.

Another major area of discussion will surround personal service skills. We will address how to obtain the skills required of various household professionals and how to maintain and perfect those skills as your career develops. We will discuss available training programs and explore the benefits and costs of obtaining these skills through formal training programs vs “on-the-job” learning.  Our goal is for readers to gather enough information as they contemplate different programs and assess the considerable costs and potential return on investment.

It is our sincere hope that this Blog will demystify areas of The Household Staffing Industry as well as enlighten our readers of all the resources available, which can make employing staff much easier and lead those on the path of a Personal Service Career toward success.

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