Understanding the Basics of Domestic Staff Training

A well-run household depends on a well-trained staff. Your domestic staff must understand how to do their jobs, the most efficient ways to accomplish daily tasks, and learn to be proactive in identifying potential issues around the house.

In this article, we will cover the basics of domestic staff training and identify some helpful domestic staffing resources to help your home run smoothly and efficiently.

Goals of Domestic Staff Training

As with any new job or working relationship, it’s important to set goals so that you and your new staff member are on the same page. Career education is essential to any job, and evidence-based information from leading experts in the field can make a huge difference.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to equip your staff with the tools and resources they need to do their jobs in the best way possible. Training should be targeted, relevant, and include concrete examples that can be applied as a regular course of business on the job.

Training Process for Domestic Staff

The process of training domestic staff varies greatly from one position to the next, but the goals remain largely the same. By the time that employment begins, you should feel confident that you hired someone with the required skills needed to complete tasks as you see fit. However, additional training may be necessary to fill in gaps of knowledge and cater skills to your preferences.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a training process.

  • What type of training do you need?
  • Is your ideal training approach more theoretical or practical?
  • How much are you willing to spend to have your staff trained properly?
  • What qualifications do training providers possess that you are considering?

How to Resolve Domestic Staff Issues

Inevitably, and despite your best intentions and efforts, issues with domestic staff may arise over time. These issues are often best addressed directly by you, rather than initially involving a third party. By discussing the rules and expectations from the very beginning, many issues can be avoided down the road.

But be willing to communicate openly and honestly with your staff members about issues that come up, and practice being a good listener. Understand the difference between an innocent mistake, a persistent problem, and an intentional violation of your contract together. Many household employers maintain a friendly, but not too familiar, presence with their staff, but each employer will have his or her own unique approach.

It also helps to learn a bit about the state and national laws regarding negligence, contracts, immigration, employment, taxes, and criminal activity to stay within your legal rights and pursue disputes in in a legal way. By hiring domestic workers through a licensed agency like Pavillion, you can avoid many of these common pitfalls.

Pavillion’s White Glove Training

If you are new to hiring staff for your home, you should know that many domestic staffing resources are available, affordable, and accessible. In many cases, our clients wish to hire domestic staff because they do not have the time or possess the skills required to do the job themselves. To meet this need, our White Glove Trainers work with you and your staff to evaluate performance and offer lessons for improvement. Our trainers have many years of experience working in private homes and are experts in the best ways to run a household.

We offer full-day, half-day, and multiple-day training options, as well as in-home consultations, staff evaluations, and staff training reports. Training is a priceless experience that will mutually benefit you and your valuable employees. Contact us today to help your staff become the very best that they can be.

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