How to Travel with Nannies and Domestic Staff: Jessica McWeeney

Your bags are packed!  You make it to the airport on time, safely land at your destination only to get stopped at Customs and discover that the domestic staff you brought to accompany you on your trip is not allowed to enter the country and you’re unsure why.  For more information on how to avoid a similar situation on your travels, read on.

Taking a Nanny or Domestic Employee on Vacation

Traveling with a domestic employee requires a B-1 Temporary Business visa, which is issued to those who are seeking entry into a foreign country from the United States for business purposes, i.e., having a domestic employee accompany you on a trip.

Prior to traveling abroad, it is important to check the country’s entry policy on the Customs and Border Protection website to ensure the appropriate requirements are completed to properly gain temporary access into the country.  One example of such a country that has this requirement is the United Kingdom. Oftentimes, it is a simple process and requires filling out an application and paying a fee.  The visa usually arrives in two weeks and can grant the employee anywhere up to 6-months working in the country.

Hire a Travel Nanny or Domestic Employee Today!

Taking the above steps ensures that your travel plans run smoothly, so does working with a reputable staffing firm such as Pavillion Agency.  For more information on how you can hire an additional set of hands to accompany you on your trip, contact a placement specialist at 212-889-6609 or via e-mail at today!

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