A Professional Laundress mainly focuses on laundering and organizing all of the clothing and linens. A Laundress must have knowledge on how to care for all types of garments, how to store and clean them. Duties for a Laundress are:

  • Washing and ironing,
  • Steaming-operating Mangle
  • Altering and mending various garments
  • Organizing the principal’s wardrobe according to season
  • Maintain inventory of wardrobe, linens, beddings and towels

A Professional Laundress may work either full-time or part-time depending on the size of the family and the amount of laundry that needs care. Thorough knowledge of modern washing machines, dryers, irons and operation of a mangle are essential. Being a Laundress is particularly gratifying to those who have a particular affinity for clothing and its care.

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