Live-In Nanny

live in nanny changing babyPavillion is a nanny and governess staffing agency that places highly qualified nannies with families just like yours. Our nanny services include full-time nannies, part-time nannies, and career nannies who can work around your schedule and your children’s needs.

Many families choose to hire a live-in nanny for convenience, safety, and ease of communication and coordination. Here are some details about our live-in nanny services so you can make the best choice for your family.

What Is a Live-In Nanny?

A live-in nanny is a childcare professional who resides in the home of the family and receives room and board as part of her or his employment package. Live-in nannies do not typically pay rent but rather receive less hourly or salary pay with living expenses deducted from their paychecks. Live-in nannies often live in a separate guesthouse, a basement level of a home, or a private room in the house.

Why Choose Pavillion to Find a Live-In Nanny?

Pavillion’s domestic staffing services are second to none, which means that you get access to the very best live-in nannies when you work through our agency. Our team has over 200 years of combined experience in pairing qualified candidates with families to create happy and healthy households that run smoothly. We protect total confidentiality during and after a candidate search and ensure that all information we gather is protected.

Benefits of Live-In Nannies

Live-in nannies are wonderful additions to households because they allow you to get to know your nanny better and provide the opportunity for your nanny to get to know your home better. This arrangement eliminates the time and cost burden of a commute and perhaps even the requirement of your nanny needing to have a personal vehicle.

With your nanny spending more time in your home, she or he may be able to do more light housekeeping duties in addition to childcare. Live-in nannies develop close personal relationships with the children they care for and are known to be more satisfied with their jobs because of all the great perks they receive from their employers.

Important Live-In Nanny Duties, Responsibilities, and Qualifications

The most essential job of a live-in nanny is to provide high-quality childcare, but there are many things a nanny can do around the house to help out the children and parents. Live-in nannies are experts in feeding, diapering, nap times, play time, and keeping kids entertained and transported to appointments. Live-in nannies may also help with cooking and cleaning, and some live-in nannies travel with their families on vacations and business trips.

Live-in nannies typically have at least a high school diploma, but many of them have a college degree. Basic requirements are at least three years of in-home experience caring for children. Some families will want a live-in nanny to commit to at least one year of service in the home. Other qualifications to look for in nanny candidates include good references, a valid driver’s license with a good driving record, and being legally allowed to work in the U.S.

How a Live-In Nanny Can Fit Your Family’s Needs

Every live-in nanny candidate that we work with at Pavillion has something unique and special to offer, and we’re confident that we have a nanny who will be perfect for your needs. To get the candidate search and hiring process started, please complete our family application to tell us more about what you’re looking for in a live-in nanny. You can also start a live chat with us on our website or call us at 212-889-6609 to learn more about our extensive vetting and screening process.