Caretaker/Property Manager

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Caretaker/Property Manager

The property in and around the estate including, but not limited to the landscaping, salt and fresh water pools, and guest cottages are the responsibility of the estate’s Caretaker.  This position requires a wide and deep practical knowledge of property and grounds maintenance and often requires sound handyman/maintenance skills.  In some instances this position may also require a background in horticulture in order to keep healthy, year-round blooms and maintain formal gardens.  Caretakers often have experience with turf management for personal golf courses/holes and even experience with private family farms.  The Caretaker often plays an additional important role for many employers; namely, as the owner’s representative during their absence.

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Oversight of landscaping staff
  • Maintain greenhouse
  • Tree care/pruning
  • Care of flower beds, ornamental shrubs, boxwoods, etc.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the exterior of homes and all structures on property
  • Automobile/equipment/vehicle maintenance
  • Overseeing outdoor dining/entertainment areas
  • Handyman/maintenance/repair work
  • Snow removal

When vetting for viable caretakers, families will sort for only those individuals who have established themselves to be honest, trustworthy, and hardworking, with extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Principals place a significant amount of responsibility with caretakers to oversee their homes and properties. They need to be absolutely certain that their caretaker will be looking out for the best interest of their property and will be able to do so with minimal oversight.

If your family is looking to find and hire a qualified Caretaker consider working with a Caretaker agency like Pavillion Agency Inc. Get started by filling out our application.

For qualified candidates looking for a Caretaker job, please visit our section For Applicants to see how you can join our team.

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