The Importance of the COVID Vaccine for Childcare Workers


The COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives and impacting our health and safety for far too long. But hope is finally here with the arrival of the COVID vaccine!


This vaccine offers hope of life getting back to normal and is especially important for certain population groups and industry employees. Here’s why the COVID vaccine is important for childcare workers and how to get the vaccine as a nanny to protect children and families.


General Benefits of the COVID Vaccine

Regardless of who you are or where you work, there are many benefits to receiving the COVID vaccine. This is an effective way to prevent you from getting COVID-19 and suffering from the potentially life-threatening health complications it causes.


There is no way to know how this virus will affect you until it enters your body, so the benefits of getting the vaccine outweigh its possible risks. Also, getting the vaccine can help curb the spread of the pandemic and help you build up immunity against this highly contagious virus.


COVID Risks of Childcare Employees

Because of the nature of working with children and families, it is important for nannies and other childcare providers to get the COVID vaccine as soon as possible. Nannies are in close contact with children and their parents every day, and they may even work for multiple families at the same time on a part-time basis.


Nannies have been designated as essential workers in many places and provide a valuable service for children’s wellbeing and for parents who must work outside the home. Even though the current research shows that many children have mild COVID symptoms or no symptoms at all, some children can become seriously ill or even die from COVID if they aren’t protected by the adults who are entrusted to take care of them.


Getting the COVID Vaccine as a Childcare Provider

If you are a nanny or other employee who works with children, there are steps to take to check your vaccine eligibility and sign up to get your shot. Right now, New York is in Phase 1B for the vaccination schedule, but in order to qualify for this category, you must work in a group setting at either a childcare center or a licensed facility. However, childcare workers who are employed in non-group settings may be able to get the COVID vaccine as well if they personally have certain underlying medical conditions.


In New York, nannies can complete the state COVID-19 vaccine form online or use the “Am I Eligible” app to determine their eligibility and be notified when they can get the vaccine. Proof of eligibility will need to brought to your vaccine appointment, such as a letter from your employer or an employee ID badge.


Pavillion Agency Staff and the COVID Vaccine

At Pavillion Agency, we take your health and safety very seriously. All of the domestic staff employees that we work with are being instructed to get the COVID vaccine once they are able to according to state vaccination guidelines. We are currently taking many steps to be vigilant during these challenging times, such as encouraging virtual interviews between clients and job candidates as much as possible. As part of our commitment to COVID prevention, we also encourage families and candidates to get tested periodically for COVID, take their temperatures regularly, wear masks, and quarantine if necessary.


To learn more about how you can safely hire a nanny or work as a skilled domestic professional during the pandemic, please contact us online or by phone at 212-889-6609.

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