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10 Tips to Prepare for Baby Amidst COVID-19

mother and newborn baby

Congratulations: you’re expecting!  Many expectant families find this to be one of the most wonderful times in their lives.   Having a baby provides a host of challenges for parents-to-be, but being pregnant during a global pandemic adds to the challenges.

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A Nannies Story: Great Kindness Shown During Covid-19 Crisis

When Victoria called on Thursday evening she sounded distraught. She was compelled to continue working even though the father of her little charge had been diagnosed with Covid-19; the virus had just been categorized as a global pandemic and its unfamiliar nature filled her heart with fear.

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Benefits of a Temporary Summer Nanny and Where to Find One

summer nanny with children on park slide

Many busy parents employ full-time nannies throughout the year to take care of children at home and shuttle them to school and various activities. However, you may have things handled yourself during the school year and only be looking for a temporary nanny during the summer or a particularly challenging transitional time.

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Spring into Action…and Hire a Lawncare and Property Professional!

Spring into Action…and Hire a Lawncare and Property Professional!

Nature provides us with constant wonderment and (importantly) a sense of escape.  The sweet perfume of hyacinth dancing in the air, the lipstick red tulips opening in the morning sun, and the sturdy new shoots waving hello from the rose bush are just a few daily spectacles. 

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Why You Should Hire a Corporate Personal Assistant


Families and individuals all over the country look to Pavillion Agency to help them hire domestic staff members to work in their homes. However, Pavillion also provides corporate hospitality services and has been consulting with large and small companies since 1962 to serve business clientele.

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An Update from the Owners, Keith & Clifford Greenhouse

An Update from the Owners

As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, we wanted to personally connect with you, our valued community, to check in and keep you updated. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and finding comfort where you can.

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An Update from Our Team, for Those in the Workforce

Team Update

We are all living in quite a new landscape! With the spread of COVID-19, people the world over are adapting and learning how to move forward in their lives – particularly in regard to employment. In our realm of household staffing,

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How to Hire Temporary Staff and Why You Might Want to

housecleaning woman holding supplies

Some individuals and families require the assistance of full-time professional household staff members all throughout the year. Meanwhile, other people only need a little help around the house once in a while, which is why Pavillion Agency offers temporary staff solutions when you need them most.

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Personal Chef vs. Private Chef: Understanding the Difference and Which One You Need

chef in a kitchen

Even if you enjoy food and love to cook, you might not have time in your busy schedule to prepare healthy and delicious meals on a daily basis. Meal preparation is even more of a challenge if you have dietary restrictions,

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Benefits of Having a Live-In Nanny and the Essential Live-In Nanny Skills

nanny with children at home in tent

Of the many different domestic staffing services that we provide at Pavillion Agency, our nanny placement services are always among the most popular and widely used for families. There is some truth to the old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and for this reason,

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