What Makes a Great Personal Chauffeur?

When most people think of a chauffeur, excellent driving skills are the first essential quality that comes to mind. However, there is much more than just driving that goes into being someone’s personal driver, which is why it’s important to hire the right professional for the job.


Here’s what makes a great chauffeur driver and where to find the best chauffeur service professionals in the industry.


Excellent People Skills

 Chauffeurs are required to work closely with people every day as they provide transportation and arrange pickups and drop-offs. Therefore, a chauffeur driver should be a “people person” and be able to get along well with different types of people and make others feel comfortable.


Being Able to Communicate Well

 Another good quality in a personal driver is effective communication skills, which are required while discussing route plans, individual preferences, and even just casual banter along the drive. Modern chauffeurs should be well-versed in communicating verbally, in written form, and through technology via texting, emails, and smartphone apps.


Knowing How to Prepare and Execute a Plan

 Chauffeur service professionals excel at knowing the best routes to get from one place to another without having to rely upon their clients for advice on the road. A good chauffeur should be comfortable using maps and route-planning mobile apps to avoid untimely delays due to construction or traffic. Part of executing a good plan includes having a passion for punctuality and knowing the best way to arrive to a destination on time.


Strong Attention to Detail

 As with all domestic staffing professionals, strong attention to detail is a great quality in a personal driver. Chauffeurs should quickly pick up on the personal preferences of their clients, such as how they like luggage to be loaded into the car and how much conversation they like to engage in during the drive. Chauffeurs must also pay close attention to road conditions for safety, route directions to avoid getting lost, and accessible parking areas to prevent unnecessary delays.


Discretion When Necessary

 At times, clients don’t necessarily want their whereabouts broadcasted to the entire world. Accordingly, discretion is a good quality in a chauffeur, especially for business professionals and anyone who desires extra privacy and confidentiality.


Relevant Background and Experience

 Safety and security are top concerns among anyone who hires a chauffeur driver, so you want to make sure that he or she has the appropriate driver’s license and a clean driving record. Chauffeurs should be properly trained in personal service in addition to just knowing how to operate a vehicle.


A Well-Groomed Appearance

 Since a personal chauffeur may come into contact with your friends, family members, business associates, and customers, you will want to hire a professional who takes pride in his or her appearance. This includes being professionally dressed (typically in a classic black and white uniform) and having neatly groomed hair, nails, and teeth.


Where to Hire a Great Chauffeur

Now that you know what makes a great chauffeur, are you ready to hire one to make your life easier and take the hassles out of transportation?


Pavillion Agency specializes in providing personalized chauffeur service and pairing qualified chauffeur job candidates with individuals and families who can benefit from their expertise. Tell us more about your chauffeur needs by filling out our application. Or if you are a professional driver looking for a chauffeur job, check out the For Applicants section of our website to learn more about working with Pavillion.

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