Defying Stereotypes: What a Female Butler Does and How to Become One

When many people think of a butler, an image of an older man dressed in a formal suit comes to mind. However, this domestic staff position can be filled by women just as well in today’s modern world. As gender stereotypes are challenged and tossed to the wayside, an increasing number of women are becoming interested in butler jobs to use their valuable skills and pursue rewarding careers in the service industry.

Here is a look at the role of a female butler and how you can work as one with the help of Pavillion Agency.


What Is a Female Butler Called?  

Traditionally and in the past, an accurate female butler term did not exist, and women working in this role were called housekeepers instead. Generations ago, butlers were men and supervised the male staff, while housekeepers were women and supervised the female staff. Some people may refer to a female butler as a buttress. But the term “butler” can also be used interchangeably for all genders.


Female Butler vs. Housekeeper

Modern-day butlers take on many roles in a household that go beyond just cleaning a house. There are distinct differences between a butler vs. housekeeper, regardless of the gender of a domestic employee.

Typical duties of a female butler include greeting guests, serving meals, arranging tables, and managing all interior home aspects. A female butler may also oversee housekeeping staff, arrange household maintenance, and prepare meals if there is no personal chef working inside the home. Meanwhile, some female butlers have specialties and areas of expertise that they can put to work for their employers. A woman working as a butler might be excellent at making repairs around the house, organizing schedules, handling a household budget, or chauffeuring children to school and appointments.


Why Hire a Female Butler?

Individuals and families choose female butlers over male butlers for various reasons. For one, a female-identifying candidate may be most qualified the job and be able to best accommodate the needs of a particular household. Women butlers can be wonderfully organized, polite, patient, knowledgeable about various household matters, and calm under stress. Also, some employers may be more comfortable with a woman in charge of butler duties than a man because of the overall dynamic of the household.


How to Become a Female Butler

If you are a woman interested in working as a butler, Pavillion Agency can help. We are a household staffing agency that connects qualified butler candidates with households needing butler services. Before applying for a butler job, you may need to go through the steps of earning a degree, completing a formal butler training course, and gaining work experience in the industry. Joining a butler-specific professional organization can give you a competitive edge and stand out among other candidates.

If you think you have what it takes to be a great butler, submit your application on our website. We represent the finest butlers in the industry and also make job listings available for you to browse and apply for specific positions.

Now is the time to rethink the role of the butler in the modern household and be inclusive to everyone interested in working in this exciting position. Contact us to learn more!

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