Typical Duties of a Travel Nanny and How to Become One

When most people think about what the job of a nanny looks like, they envision days spent at home caring for children as they eat, sleep, play, and learn. But there is a unique type of nanny whose job is actually to travel with a family and take care of the kids on a vacation, business trip, or extended adventure.

If this sounds like an interesting career path to you, read on to learn more about what a travel nanny does and how you can work with a travel nanny agency to find an exciting and rewarding childcare job.


What Is a Travel Nanny?

A travel nanny is a childcare professional hired to accompany a family on out-of-town trips. Some families travel full-time because the adults work remotely and want their children to experience the world as much as possible. Children may accompany parents on frequent business trips to make a family vacation out of work travel. A travel nanny can work in this role for the summer or all year long. Travel nannies help parents spend time together as a couple, reduce the stresses of travel, and ensure that children have the best experiences on their trips.


What a Traveling Nanny Does Day-to-Day

Although every travel nanny job is unique, here are some of the most common travel nanny services that you can provide in this role:

  • Create itineraries for children on trips
  • Arrange for children’s meals
  • Make sure children get naps and stick to their sleep schedule
  • Keep kids entertained while parents are busy
  • Transport kids to and from activities while on vacation
  • Supervise children at the beach, pool, and sightseeing attractions


How to Become a Travel Nanny?

Beyond the basic requirements of being a nanny, being a travel nanny requires a certain mindset and skillset. A travel or holiday nanny must be flexible, adaptable to new situations, and comfortable with change. Anyone working as a travel nanny should have a flexible schedule and energy that matches that of the adults and kids going on a trip.

Before applying for a travel nanny job, review our list of nanny interview questions to understand what an employer is looking for and how to pitch yourself for the job in the best way possible. To become a travel nanny, you should boost your resume with some experience related to traveling with children. This will make you an attractive candidate when employers search for someone new to hire.


Pavillion Agency, a Travel Nanny Agency  

Many parents and caregivers are looking for travel nannies to have more freedom to see new places, explore new business ventures, and expose little ones to everything the world has to offer. Pavillion is a travel nanny agency that can help you find long-term or temporary travel nanny jobs that enable you to embrace your love of travel, earn fair wages, and advance your career.

If you have travel nanny experience and are looking for a job in this field, fill out our applicant application or browse our latest job listings. We look forward to connecting you to a family that can make the most of your expertise and offer you exciting travel opportunities you’ll always remember!

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