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With the many joys that summer brings, one major and important task is how to keep the kids busy, happy, and safe when school is out. Hiring a Summer Nanny has become a popular go-to for parents in need of a one-on-one, more hands-on childcare option for the summer season.  Although hiring a Summer Nanny can be stressful and overwhelming, Pavillion Agency has many years of experience making the process as seamless as possible for our clients.  In this post, we will discuss tips and steps you can take to assure you hire the perfect Summer Nanny.

What Am I Looking for in My Summer Nanny?

Time is of the essence when looking for the perfect Summer Nanny.  Beginning your search as early as possible will give you time to identify the candidates best suited for your needs. This does not necessarily mean that you should start meeting with candidates right away.  Knowing what to look for is just as important when beginning your search.  You will need to identify a work schedule, compensation, travel and accommodation logistics, special needs, and personality fit for your family.  Will you need someone during the week or is weekend coverage most important?  What will the hours look like and how does that coincide with other staff and support?  Will your family be travelling internationally or be at the beach all summer and require an excellent swimmer?  What is an appropriate compensation?

Conveying My Family’s Needs to Potential Hires…

Once you have outlined your criteria, you can create an accurate description for your summer opening.  It is important to be as precise as possible about what your needs are. Doing so will attract the appropriate candidate(s) for your family. You also want to make the position sound as attractive as possible – be sure to include the salary offered, the schedule, a few adjectives to describe your child(ren), and include any pets you may have. Be very clear as to whether something is a requirement (i.e. active passport) or a preference (i.e. driving and cooking). You do not want to give potential applicants any mixed signals! Limit yourself to one paragraph – oversharing will not help you attract more applicants.

To Meet or Not to Meet Job Applicants…

Once your description begins attracting applicants, you will need to review and filter resumes based on your criteria.  When you see a resume you like, you must schedule a meeting as soon as possible!  You risk missing out on the perfect applicant if you wait too long to contact them – you don’t want that!

Tell me about yourself…

Upon meeting with applicants, make sure they are clear of the job description and your expectations. Obtain reassurance that they are onboard with all of your needs. Talk more about your children, household environment (formal, casual), and special requirements. Inquire about their previous positions, disciplinary methods, communication styles or any other questions that will help you determine if he/she will respond well to your children and family.

During the interview process discuss age-appropriate activities you would like the nanny to arrange (i.e, swimming lessons, beach trips, museum or zoo trips, DIY ice cream, bike rides, etc.).  Be sure to also ask candidates what other activities they have enjoyed doing with their charges during the summer months.  The overall chemistry and dialogue will help you determine if a certain candidate would be well suited for your needs and family.  If you feel like someone could be a great fit, invite them back for a day or two trial.  Have them organize a day of fun activities with your child(ren) and see how it goes!  Assuming all goes well, offer them the position!

Ta Da! You’ve Hired Your Summer Nanny

Pavillion Agency always recommends you present your hire with an offer letter/work agreement before he/she begins working with your family.  We will help you draft an agreement when you hire and will help guide you throughout the hiring process.  Agreements are not required but highly recommended. Families and caregivers benefit from establishing their expectations in writing so there is never any gray area in the future.  The work agreement should include a detailed job description, expectations, start date, and compensation.

With your newly hired Summer Nanny, you will have a huge burden lifted off your shoulders and you can finally take a deep breath and enjoy your summer!


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