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The position of a Butler has evolved over time, adapting with changing times and society. Though there have been adjustments made to the duties, some responsibilities have remained the same. For more information on the crucial components on what comprises a Butler, read on below!

Butler Duties

Personalized Butler services extend beyond table service and opening doors.  A Butler will also oversee a small staff, supervise vendors, and provide concierge services for the residence.  A wide knowledge of cuisine, wine, and mixology is also required.  Other additional duties can be found here.  Perhaps most importantly, he or she needs to be able to anticipate the unique and ever-changing needs of the principal. The individual is a reflection of the employer so it is important that they are not only trained in all aspects of personal service but also formal etiquette.

A Butler’s Disposition

To be a successful Butler, the individual should possess a few notable qualities. Superb communication and interpersonal skills are paramount.  The Butler often acts as a go-between the household (especially kitchen) staff and the family and guests.  Maintaining a sense of calm and charm even under the stress of tight deadlines and amid last minute guests is key to success.  Perhaps the most important quality is the ability to be discreet and confidential, as butlers will often work in high-profile homes and be privy to a variety of sensitive information.

Corporate Butlers

Table service isn’t just for the household. A Corporate Butler can be invaluable to busy offices and Executives.  They not only impress clients but they help to keep the office productive.   An Office Butler will coordinate luncheons, set-up conference rooms, assist with inventories, ensure hospitality standards, and (importantly) provide staff with caffeine.

Acting as Valet

A professional Butler may also be required to act as a detailed Valet or a “gentleman’s gentleman.”  Duties center around the appearance, presentation, and preparedness of the principal whether for daily needs or travel needs.  Responsibilities include wardrobe management, maintain sleeping quarters, inventory personal items and accessories, grooming, pack/unpack for travel, and light housekeeping.

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