Benefits of a Temporary Summer Nanny and Where to Find One

Many busy parents employ full-time nannies throughout the year to take care of children at home and shuttle them to school and various activities. However, you may have things handled yourself during the school year and only be looking for a temporary nanny during the summer or a particularly challenging transitional time.

Here are the benefits of hiring a temporary summer nanny and where to find a great one for your family’s needs.

Why You May Need a Temporary Nanny

Temporary staff members, such as nannies, are wonderful during times of unforeseen circumstances, when your family is going through a transition, or during certain busy seasons. You might want to hire a temporary nanny if you have multiple children and are bringing a new baby home from the hospital, for example. Temporary nannies are also helpful when you are on vacation and have planned adult-only activities. If you’ve moving into a new home, very busy at work, or suddenly working from home for the first time, you might also be looking for a temporary nanny.

Benefits of a Temporary Summer Nanny

Summer is a very popular time to be looking for a temporary nanny because this is when many families travel, plan social events, and have kids home from their normal school routines. A temporary summer nanny can plan children’s activities while you are working, be more flexible than day camps or full-time day-care, and even provide a little extra help with household chores. These household staff professionals can ease the transition from one school to the next and keep your little ones active and learning all summer long.

Temporary Nanny Responsibilities

Temporary nannies provide educational consistency and day-to-day activities that are creative and fun for kids. Typical summer nanny responsibilities include preparing meals, changing diapers, doing children’s laundry, bathing, dressing, arranging outdoor and indoor playtime, and organizing art and craft time.

They provide one-on-one attention to keep children engaged at home in a convenient way so that parents don’t have to spend extra time driving back and forth to a childcare facility. Although temporary nannies provide short-term employment solutions, they could lead to long-term relationships and more frequent caregiving if needs arise in the future.

Temporary Nanny Qualifications

Temporary nannies must be flexible and willing to help out with childcare services based on a family’s unique needs. These nannies should have extensive experience in caring for children of various ages and an educational background and certifications to support this experience. Families should ensure that temporary summer nanny candidates have a driver’s license and a good driving record, verifiable references, and are willing to commit to the job. Other temporary nanny qualifications to look for include good communication skills, a love of children, trustworthiness, creativity, and the ability to create structure and work within parents’ preferences and requests.

Looking for a Temporary Nanny for the Summer?

Pavillion Agency is the personal service staffing agency to contact if you are looking for a temporary nanny for the summer or on a temporary basis for any reason. We work with many highly qualified and experienced nannies who accept short-term employment opportunities and make loving bonds with the children they care for.

To learn more about hiring a temporary nanny, please contact us by phone at 212-889-6609 or fill out our online form. Qualified nanny candidates in search of temporary assignments should fill out our online application form to tell us more about your skills and upload your resume.

We look forward to helping you and your children have a wonderful summer by pairing you with the nanny of your dreams!

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