What Is a Groundskeeper, and What Do Groundskeepers Do?

Maintaining the exterior of a home and surrounding property takes a lot of time, effort, and specialized skills. Not everyone has the availability or desire to take care of these tasks, which is why groundskeepers are in high demand at individual residences and places of business.

So, what is grounds keeping? Read on to learn more about this domestic staff position and how to pursue a rewarding career as a professional groundskeeper.

Definition of a Groundskeeper

A groundskeeper is a person who is responsible for maintaining outdoor areas so that they are functional, safe, and attractive. Groundskeepers work in a variety of settings, including estates, gardens, parks, offices, sporting venues, and college campuses. It is typical for a groundskeeper’s job to involve using equipment to trim trees, prune bushes, and plant flowers. This position has a much greater outdoor focus than housekeeping jobs that primarily involve indoor work.

What Does a Groundskeeper Do?

The first answer to “what do groundskeepers do” is lawn care, which involves mowing grass, aerating soil, pulling weeds, and applying fertilizer. Groundskeepers are also skilled in using herbicides and insecticides to keep pests away from plants. Some of the tools that groundskeepers use are saws, clippers, snow blowers, shovels, rakes, and axes.

Above and Beyond Basic Groundskeeper Duties

Beyond just the yard, groundskeeper jobs may also extend to basic janitorial work and minor carpentry repairs. If areas of a property have suffered from damage, a groundskeeper may need to clean out drains, reconstruct flower beds, or fix fences.

Hanging outdoor lights, washing walls, and collecting trash may be on the daily agenda for a professional groundskeeper. Individuals working in this position should also be prepared to operate heavy machinery and vehicles, such as tractors, street-sweepers, and pickup trucks towing trailers.

Important Skills for Groundskeepers to Have

To fulfill this list of groundskeeper duties, a person must love to work outside and be active throughout the day. Groundskeepers should be physically strong and able to lift heavy items when necessary. They must be able to stand on their feet all day, withstand all weather conditions, and be comfortable with potentially dangerous equipment.

Aside from the physical demands of the job, groundskeepers should have good communication skills to understand the required tasks and report progress on those tasks to their employers. Some employers look for groundskeeper candidates who can be creative with flowerbed design, knowledgeable about pest-management strategies, and have managerial skills to oversee the work of other grounds keeping employees.

Find a Groundskeeper Job with Pavillion

If you are interested in finding a rewarding groundskeeper job, it is a good idea to learn about the needs of property owners in your area, the work required during each season, and the latest trends in outdoor property maintenance. Create a resume that highlights your experience with grounds keeping, and browse available positions related to caretaking and grounds keeping. In your resume, make sure to mention your physical capabilities, experience with relevant tools, and formal and on-the-job training that you have received.

To jumpstart your career, fill out our application form to enlist the help of Pavillion Agency, the leader in the field of personal service since 1962. We represent the best groundskeepers in the industry and would love to help you find a groundskeeper job that is a perfect fit for both you and your employer!

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