Differences Between a House Manager and Estate Manager

Estate manager standing with house staffIf you could use a little help around the house with various tasks that you don’t have time for, you might consider hiring either a butler house manager or a personal estate manager. Although these two types of jobs are similar in some ways, they are also quite different, which is important to understand before you start interviewing potential candidates.


Here’s a look at the differences between a house manager and estate manager so that you can choose the right option for your household.


The Role of a House Manager

A house manager, sometimes referred to as a butler house manager, takes care of tasks at an individual house and around the property. Some people who have small houses hire house managers as their sole staff member, but this professional may also oversee the work of other employees who work in a home. It is the job of a house manager to ensure that everything in the home is working smoothly, which may involve overseeing the work of outside contractors, handling maintenance issues, and general upkeep of the land.


Here are some other tasks that house managers commonly do:

  • General housekeeping
  • Butler duties, such as greeting and serving
  • Chauffeuring household members around
  • Training new staff members


The Role of a Personal Estate Manager

In contrast to a house manager, an estate manager is responsible for an entire estate, which may include multiple properties and homes. Estate managers typically handle larger properties and many acres of land that are owned by a family. Therefore, the tasks required of an estate manager are often more extensive and complex than those of a house manager.


These are some of the many things that a personal estate manager can assist you with:

  • Survey large areas of land for maintenance issues
  • Supervise outside workers, such as gardeners and farm workers
  • Handle money coming in for events held on the estate
  • Schedule extra workers and entertainment for events
  • Ensure that farm animals are cared for
  • Make sure plants and crops are in good condition
  • General housekeeping
  • Butler and chauffeur duties


Qualities to Look for in a House or Estate Manager

As you can see, there is some overlap in the types of duties that these two types of professionals can handle. This means that some candidates may be qualified for both positions.


As you browse candidates, here are some of the top things to look for in a potential butler house manager or personal estate manager:

  • Organized and able to handle scheduling
  • Tech-savvy to book travel arrangements and communicate effectively
  • Experienced in research for household purchases
  • Detail-oriented to keep accurate records
  • Confident to supervise the work of others
  • Able to represent you and your household well
  • Understands the importance of confidentiality and discretion
  • Willing to do whatever is most needed around the property
  • Trustworthy around household kids and pets


Choosing the Right House or Estate Manager for Your Home

Whether you have a single house on a small plot of land or a sprawling estate with many structures and frequent events, Pavillion Agency can help. We understand how challenging and time-consuming it is to run a house or estate all on your own and can introduce you to a professional to handle time-consuming details and simplify your life.


We are happy to answer your questions about house managers and estate managers, and also to point you in the right direction of which one might best suit your needs. Contact us online or by phone at 212-889-6609 to start the hiring process!

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