Why You Should Hire a Corporate Personal Assistant

Families and individuals all over the country look to Pavillion Agency to help them hire domestic staff members to work in their homes. However, Pavillion also provides corporate hospitality services and has been consulting with large and small companies since 1962 to serve business clientele.

One of the most important staff members to have in a business is a corporate personal assistant, a position that we will describe in detail here to serve professionals and guide candidates to rewarding corporate personal assistant jobs.

Daily Tasks of Corporate Personal Assistant

A corporate personal assistant works in a business environment for a professional to provide administrative support. Corporate personal assistants will answer phone calls, manage meetings and appointments, book travel arrangements, and organize conferences. This professional will also prepare reports and correspondence, manage filing systems, do research, and coordinate with other business staff members and clients. You may also ask this staff member to organize your work email inbox, take notes at your meetings, and keep records of financial expenses to help you stay within a designated budget.

Differences Between Home Personal Assistants and Corporate Personal Assistants

There are often similarities between home personal assistants and corporate personal assistants with regard to the work they do. But the main difference is that corporate personal assistants are primarily focused on a client’s work life instead of the client’s home life. Corporate personal assistants earn competitive salaries, may travel with their employer for work trips, and work alongside their employer in an office.

Meanwhile, home personal assistants often work in the home and focus more on your personal and family needs, such as organizing old family photos, making phone calls to contractors for a home renovation project, and helping you research and plan a family vacation. Some personal assistants will overlap in their duties between your home and work lives, while others are more strictly focused on just one or the other.

Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Personal Assistant

One of the biggest reasons why business professionals hire corporate personal assistants is to stay organized and be able to multitask better during busy days. Corporate personal assistants keep you on track with your professional deadlines and goals so that you can focus on the aspects of work that are most important to you. Corporate personal assistants help reduce your daily stress levels, help you be more productive throughout the day, and take away the burden of tedious and time-consuming tasks you hate to do. They can also help you grow your business and be more successful in your chosen profession.

Where to Find Corporate Personal Assistant Jobs

Pavillion Agency is the staffing agency of choice for various types of personal assistants, including corporate personal assistants. We help qualified candidates find corporate personal assistant jobs that are rewarding by connecting candidates with business professionals who need their services. To find a corporate personal assistant job or to learn more about working with Pavillion, please visit our For Applicants section to see how you can join our team.

Why Work with Pavillion to Find a Corporate Personal Assistant

At the same time, we also work with companies and individual business professionals to find corporate personal assistants that match what they are looking for. We screen potential candidates to ensure they are reliable, organized, loyal, tech-savvy, and possess great communication skills so that you don’t waste your time browsing job search sites only to discover a mediocre candidate pool. We encourage you to fill out our client application to tell us more about your corporate personal assistant needs or contact us at 212-889-6609. We look forward to working with you!

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