Expanding Westward, to the City of Angels

Pavillion Agency has opened a Los Angeles office! This new location positions us to better service west coast clients and provides easier access for the many qualified personal service professionals there as well. Introducing the west coast market to an unparalleled scope of services – including permanent and temporary placements, payroll processing, and benefits administration – Pavillion brings the nation’s only one-stop household HR solution to the doorsteps of employers from Seattle to San Diego. Since 1962, we have been staffing the homes of geographically diverse clientele, in regions far beyond the New York tri-state area. Chief among these regions is Los Angeles, well known for its celebrity and otherwise high-profile residents. Having a physical presence in California has increasingly become a self-evident necessity for us.

We have always known that the west coast is an invaluable resource for our agency. Tapping into that resource with an office in the heart of the action is something we’re excited to pursue! The new office is centrally located in West Hollywood, adjacent to Beverly Hills – home to many of our clients. We are introducing a new concept to the west coast market: a local household staffing agency you can count on to both source the very best personal service staff as well as to help you remain compliant on all levels. Complementing our celebrated commitment to our clientele is the wealth of opportunities that the new LA office will provide for talented local personal service professionals. Even though there are numerous existing agencies in the LA area, none have the pedigree, range of solutions, or proven record of success that Pavillion has displayed since 1962.

Indeed, Pavillion is a widely recognized leader in household staffing, having been called upon by countless media outlets for decades to share our expertise and acumen in this realm. From interviews in world-renowned newspapers to appearances on television news programs, Pavillion has established itself as a trusted source of knowledge in the field of personal service. Another defining characteristic of our agency is the full-suite of services that we offer to clients. These go beyond job placement and include employee contracting, household payroll processing, licensed health insurance sales & administration, benefits consultation, in-home staff training, and more. These services are increasingly sought after by families with staffs of all sizes, and they help ease the often-daunting prospect of legal compliance. For many families, our payroll service alone is a dream come true! They are concerned with “doing things right” and that’s exactly what we help them do.

As second-generation owners of the company, Keith & Clifford Greenhouse are proud to welcome a third generation: Keith’s son Jake Greenhouse will serve as the West Coast Office Manager. A long-time resident of the city of Los Angeles, Jake is ambitious to carry on the family legacy of staffing the nation’s most distinguished homes. He’s not the only third generation Greenhouse here at Pavillion either. For several years now, Clifford’s daughter Sophia Greenhouse has played a vital role as a Senior Placement Specialist and Director of Special Projects at Pavillion’s New York headquarters. We take pride in being a family owned and operated business and feel that it’s particularly relevant in our line of work, given the very personal nature of the services that we provide to families and job applicants.

So, it is with much enthusiasm and pride that we make this announcement about our Los Angeles Office. If you reside on the West Coast and need a one-stop solution for your household staff and HR solutions, please call us now or complete our online Family Application for unmatched service. Likewise, if you are a local personal service professional, start your job search now by completing our online Candidate Application. Or better yet, if you live in the LA area, please call us now to schedule an interview at our new office. We’d love to meet you!

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