Take a Deep Breath: Why Stepping Back is Good For Kids’ Development

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Take a Deep Breath: Why Stepping Back is Good For Kids’ Development

By: Jeff Gratton

Accidents can be avoided and summer is the season for accidents. Preventing them is no secret:  Accidents are caused by haste, fatigue, and distraction. So guess what? When families’ days are over-stuffed with activities, we are courting problems. Nowadays our culture seems to have an increasing aversion to unstructured time.

Governess or Nanny: What’s the Difference & Which is Best for Your Children?

Caring for children is a full-time job, and certainly no easy task. Busy families that put in long hours at work and have other outside responsibilities can greatly benefit from in-home childcare services. There are two primary types of child caregivers employed in modern homes today: the governess and the nanny.

Interview Tips 2.0 – Nanny Interview Questions

Written by Jeffrey Gratton

When facing any interview, perhaps especially as a nanny, the way we feel when we answer nanny interview questions is more important than the answer itself.

Do we sometimes have bad days or pessimistic thoughts? Even our deepest feelings will influence the interview. 

Reduce Nanny & Family Tension

Written by Tina Gelashvilli

How does one deal with conflict situations?  More specifically, how does a nanny deal with conflict situations with her employer?  Does she apologize and step back to defuse the situation, or does she defend herself and engage emotionally?  Moreover, while the conflict escalates,

“You’ve Told Them (Almost) Everything”

When I call somebody for the first time – let’s say for a possible job – the way I speak tells everything. Within the first ten seconds – no exaggeration – my speech, my tone of voice, and my choice of words reveal a thousand things about who I am – without my knowing it.