Best Practices for Communications among Executive Household Staff

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Best Practices for Communications among Executive Household Staff

Communication is the key to getting any job done right, and household tasks are no exception to that rule. Not only is it important for you to be able to communicate directly with your staff, but also for staff members to have a way to effectively communicate with each other.

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Understanding the Basics of Domestic Staff Training

A well-run household depends on a well-trained staff. Your domestic staff must understand how to do their jobs, the most efficient ways to accomplish daily tasks, and learn to be proactive in identifying potential issues around the house.

In this article, we will cover the basics of domestic staff training and identify some helpful domestic staffing resources to help your home run smoothly and efficiently.

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Strategies for Negotiating Contracts with Executive Household Staff

Contracts can be a tricky subject when you hire someone new to work in your home. But they are absolutely crucial for establishing responsibilities, payment, and non-financial benefits for what will hopefully be a successful long-term working relationship.

Here are some contract negotiation strategies to keep in mind as you hire new executive household staff for your home.

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A Competitive Job Market Means Competitive Candidate Criteria

Written By Ira Weissman

As the Leader in the Field of Personal Service it is our aim to help everyone who comes to us seeking employment.  Unfortunately, the market is such that we cannot always be successful.  Our clients, the most prominent in the country,

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Interview Tips 2.0 – Nanny Interview Questions

Written by Jeffrey Gratton

When facing any interview, perhaps especially as a nanny, the way we feel when we answer nanny interview questions is more important than the answer itself.

Do we sometimes have bad days or pessimistic thoughts? Even our deepest feelings will influence the interview. 

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Who is Your Preferred Candidate?

Written by Rosalie Aguilar

Jane Doe is a highly educated candidate with a Master’s Degree and certifications. She is knowledgeable and trained in caring for any type of household and is looking for one of her first positions in a residence.

Mary Smith has long-term experience working in private residential settings,

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Estate Caretaker Responsibilities

Written by Jack Greenhouse

Within the realm of formal Estates, names and titles often blur the lines of duties and responsibilities. True Estate Caretakers (sometimes referred to as Property Managers or simply Caretakers) are a prime example. Estate Caretakers are really a Jack or Jill of all Trades.

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Reduce Nanny & Family Tension

Written by Tina Gelashvilli

How does one deal with conflict situations?  More specifically, how does a nanny deal with conflict situations with her employer?  Does she apologize and step back to defuse the situation, or does she defend herself and engage emotionally?  Moreover, while the conflict escalates,

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A Lifetime of Experience – Rosalie Aguilar

“I have the best private staff ever!”

Ever wonder why your domestic staff are masters of their craft? We are not just talking about how dedicated and hardworking they are. We sometimes ask, where did they learn their extensive skills? Why are they so good at what they do?

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Manage Your Time by Having A Private Chef Manage Your Meals

Written by Asma Alahiane & Alisha Perrigoue

Weekdays are wrought with busy scheduling from school drop-offs to business meetings to grocery shopping; it is hard to fit in even a 30 minute workout.  We all have good intentions to be as productive as possible,

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