They have been together for over 25 years, and have worked in formal homes and large properties. Together, as a team, there is nothing they could not accomplish. They keep track of each other’s work and never failed to satisfy their employers’ requests, needs and wishes.


She is a hardworking, dedicated and self-motivated person. She has years of experience in the field providing excellent service in all types of settings. She is extremely dependable, prompt, honest and diligent. She is wonderful with children, and people in general, an excellent cook, highly creative and resourceful (decorative seasonal arrangements), pristine cleaner, very organized and neat, and an absolute animal lover. She was noted by former employer for being “an excellent employee who provides a stress free environment, and has a “hawk eye” that ensures everything is done right and promptly”.


He is diligent, capable and with strong work ethic. He excels in house and property management and outdoor/grounds upkeep, can multi task effectively and seamlessly, an exceptional driver (proficient city and country driving) and can anticipate every needs of a home. He is neat and organized, detail oriented and an absolute animal lover. He is great with food prep (healthy meals) and makes good breakfast and a mean smoothie! He is thorough in whatever he does and goal oriented, honest and dedicated and extremely responsible. He puts a lot of love in anything he does.


They are available for a live in or live out position anywhere and offers full flexibility in schedule, can work weekends and travel as needed

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