This candidate is an educated, gentle-spirited, energetic and sweet-natured woman with significant infant and toddler experience. She is a certified Newborn Care Specialist, as well as a Birth Doula. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and speaks four languages fluently, including English. She would be happy to tutor your child/children in another language to foster bilingual development.

She is highly organized, as well as extremely clean and efficient. Children in her care are always immaculately groomed, well-stimulated and lovingly nurtured. She takes great pride in her nanny career and always goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide families with best possible care. As for her housekeeping skills, She has a pitch-in attitude and is usually responsible for light cleaning, laundry and food shopping. She is a wonderful cook and loves preparing delicious meals for the children and parents. She is also excellent at laundry and ironing.

She has glowing recommendations from all her former employers – one of them happens to be a Pavillion client – who praise her highly for her nurturing disposition, proactive approach, flexibility, excellent work ethic, integrity and professionalism. She offers full scheduling flexibility and can work living in or living out.