Tips for Managing Your Household Staff

Hiring amazing people with all the right skills to work in your home is just one piece of the puzzle when you’re running a household. It’s also important to know how to properly manage your household staff so that everyone is on the same page and working toward shared goals.


Here are some tips for effective household staff management and how we can help as your very own household staff agency.


Hold Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Just like in nearly any work setting, employees benefit from periodic meetings to establish staff expectations and address concerns that come up among the staff. Based on the size of your home and the number of people you employ, you may need to have a meeting each morning at the start of the work day, once a week, or just once every few weeks.


Create an agenda and stick to it so you aren’t wasting anyone’s time, but always allow some time for questions at the end of the meetings. If you have a personal assistant on staff in your home, organizing these meetings can be part of this professional’s job description.


Set and Share Household Priorities

From laundry to repairs, meal preparations, and vendor scheduling, there are a lot of things going on in a busy household at the same time. Before you host a household meeting, take some time to assess your own personal priorities and what the most important things are for your family right now. Priorities may shift as time goes by, but the important thing is that everyone working in your home knows what those priorities are so they can focus their efforts accordingly.


Offer Training Sessions

When you hire professional staff members through a trusted household staff agency, such as Pavillion Agency, you can feel confident that you’re getting the most qualified and highly trained people to work in your home. But it may be necessary to train employees on specific tasks if their roles begin to evolve or a new service is needed around the house. Training sessions can reinforce a household standard and remind employees who have been with you a long time about protocols they may have forgotten about.


Be the Type of Employer You’d Like to Work for

It’s easy for busy heads of households to get caught up in all the work and family obligations they have to take care of. But how you treat your employees will have a big impact on how dedicated and enthusiastic they are when they come to work.


Be generous with the pay and benefits you offer your employees, based on what the current market rates and standards are. Have a system in place to address on-the-job complaints and concerns in a confidential and fair way so that staff members feel listened to and cared for every day.


Hire an Estate Manager

In many households, managing household staff can feel like a job in and of itself. And it is! This is why lots of our clients choose to hire a professional estate manager to handle these types of tasks and keep everyone in check and up-to-date. Staff management is a big part of what an estate manager does, but this individual can also help with vendor management, contract and invoice review, interior design, payroll processing, household inventory, and creating a household manual for current and future use.


Estate managers work closely with their employers, which is why it is crucial to hire one that understands your household needs and communication style. Browse our website to find estate manager candidates near you or give us a call at 212-889-6609 for more tips and ideas about managing your household staff in the best way possible.

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